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The Bondurant City Council supports development in the community.  They strive to accommodate developer needs and will consider various incentive programs to assist in the growth of the community. 


Residential Tax Abatement (effective July 1, 2016 - July 30, 2021)

All qualified real estate assessed as residential is eligible to receive abatement for a period of three years, as follows:

3-Year Graduated Program

75%   Year 1

60%   Year 2

45%   Year 3


Commercial Tax Abatement

All qualified real estate assessed as commercial property are eligible to receive a 100% exemption from taxation on the actual value added by the improvements for a period of three years or a period of six years, as follows:

   Option 1                        Option 2

80%    Year 1                100%      Year 1

70%    Year 2                100%     Year 2

60%    Year 3                100%     Year 3

50%    Year 4                 -0-         Year 4

40%    Year 5                 -0-         Year 5

30%    Year 6                 -0-         Year 6


Revolving Loan Fund Program

In an effort to encourage economic development within the community, Bondurant Development offers a revolving loan fund program to provide financial assistance to new and expanding businesses in Bondurant.  The revolving loan fund program overview gives complete details of the program.  Interested businesses should complete the revolving loan fund application for consideration.